Diane Visintainer Photography | The Three Sisters-Rocky Mountain National Park area

The Three Sisters-Rocky Mountain National Park area

June 02, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Hi Everyone,

I found some Calypso Orchids and I named this photo "The Three Sisters".  Not sure why but it was what I thought of when I shot it.  

It was a rainy Friday evening when I took this shot and so if you look closely, you will see a few raindrops.  I didn't see as many this year in the place that I usually find them and I was not sure why.  My friend found quite a few in another area and so I might try going there next week to see if I can find them and get more shots.  

I have been taking some shots of irises lately, too, and so will post one next week.

Have a GREAT weekend...Diane


Calypso Orchids (Fairy Slipper)Calypso Orchids (Fairy Slipper)Three beautiful Calypso Orchids or Fairy Slippers, calypso bulbosa, on a green background from the forest floor. Like many orchids, it depends on a symbiotic relationship with a soil-borne fungus. You should consider yourself very lucky if you see this spectacular flower. I know I feel lucky when I see them.