Diane Visintainer Photography | Calypso Orchid-Rocky Mountain National Park area

Calypso Orchid-Rocky Mountain National Park area

February 26, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


While I have Spring on my mind, I wanted to tell you about the Calypso Orchid.  I adore this flower.  It is so tiny, only 1 - 1/2 inches long, and really hard to find in the woods.  It likes a shady forested area with a layer of duff.  It will soon be appearing in May and I will be out there looking for it in places that I know that I have seen it in the past.  If you do find one, consider yourself lucky as it is really a spectacular flower.  

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Calypso OrchidCalypso OrchidThe Calypso Orchid or Fairy Slippers, calypso bulbosa, on a green background from the forest floor. Like many orchids, it depends on a symbiotic relationship with a soil-borne fungus. You should consider yourself very lucky if you see this spectacular flower. I know I
feel lucky when I see them.