Diane Visintainer Photography | About

When my husband and I moved from Green Bay, Wisconsin to Estes Park, Colorado, I discovered my second passion.  That passion was photography.  My first passion was teaching Kindergarteners to read & write.


Soon I was out hiking the many trails in Rocky Mountain National Park and realized that I loved shooting photos of wildflowers.  So I bought my first DSLR camera and took pictures of every flower that I could.  Then, I realized that I loved taking close-up shots of flowers and so I bought a macro lens.  I still take shots of the whole flower but selective focus macro photography is my passion. In this way, I can control just where the viewer's eye goes in a photo.  In the winter, I buy flowers at a floral shop and take indoor shots of them as well.  I use only natural light, and create images of flowers that are unique and visually draw you in, hold your attention and capture your heart.


The natural beauty of flowers is a constant source of inspiration.  My goal is to help you to "see" flowers in a new way.