Pink Water Lilies with Bud-Denver Botanical Gardens

August 19, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Hello Everyone,

I decided to post another water lily that I took at the Denver Botanical Gardens.  I really love the pastel color of these water lilies and how they are all reflected in the water.  Water lilies are one of my favorite flowers.  When I go to the Monet Pond at the Denver Botanical Gardens I need to take my very longest lens with me because the water lilies are usually way out in the pond so I use my 70-300mm lens.  This lens does a very nice job for me and I enjoy using it.  Its focus is very sharp.  

Thanks for reading my blog and please make a comment about this photo if you wish.

Have a GREAT weekend.  It is going to be a little cooler in Estes this weekend but it is not suppose to rain.  Hope your weather is good and that you can get out to enjoy whatever you love doing.  Remember to love what you do and do what you love...Diane

Pink Water Lily with Bud.Pink Water Lily with Bud.Pink Water Lilies, nymphaeaceae family, surrounded by blue water and many leaves. There are tall, green reeds in the background that are reflected in the water. The blue Water Lily is the national flower of Sri Lanka. The white Water Lily is the national flower of Bangladesh and State flower for Andhra Pradesh, India.