Blue Columbine-Rocky Mountain National Park area

March 04, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

It's Friday and I am here with another blog post.  Yesterday, I hiked to Mills Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park with a friend.  The trail was covered with snow but as we walked past this one area my friend said, "Here is where I come to find a lot of Blue Columbines in the summer."  So, now, I am posting a picture of one.  This beautiful flower blooms from July to August and can be found in the Foothills to Alpine regions.  It grows in moist open areas, aspen groves and rocky slopes.  It is also the state flower of Colorado.

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Blue ColumbineBlue ColumbineBlue Columbine, aquilegia coerulea, on a dark black and green background. This beautiful flower is the state flower of Colorado.